I'm Maddy, a midwest creative.

I've spent the last 5 years focused mostly on the design of the digital world. In addition to my artistic and technical skillset, I try to operate with a heightened sense of curiosity and a healthy amount of sarcasm. Some might consider me a UI/UX designer, graphic designer, interaction designer, product designer, design director – just depends on the day.

My passion is using design to answer questions and solve problems for all people – regardless of their gender, race, status or abilities.

I believe that design has the power to shape the world around us, how we perceive it, how we interact with it and how we can change it.











ally & a11y

How I do things.

Leave it better.

Design shapes our world. As a designer, that power and opportunity comes with the responsibility to make it better. Whether it’s a digital experience, brand or space, I’m committed to valuable, genuine and positive change through design – for everyone.

Give a damn.

I’m not into stoicism. And I’m not about coming off as a cool, nonchalant designer. Some day everything – including me – will be nothing but a memory, so I might as well spend my days doing things I really care about with people and brands I care about.

Be honest, be human.

We won’t get far without mutual respect and honesty. As individuals and team members, we should value our humanity as much as our  skills. I believe in practicing transparency, accountability and grace in everything that I do.

Stay hungry.

That doesn’t mean stay greedy. I work hard to master skills as I pick them up, but I’m always looking for ways to improve as a designer. Whether it’s through education or through meaningful connections, I never want to stop getting better.

Do my best.

No pun intended. Your "best" might differ day-to-day, but what matters is the effort. If I end the day knowing I did my best work with the tools I had, regardless of the result, I can consider it a good day.

Celebrate the wins.

All of them. I try to celebrate my wins – big or small – and you should, too. I know that I work hard, so I try to recognize my accomplishments and have fun once in a while. I want to be proud and appreciative of what I've done, even as I work to improve.