Hey, I'm Maddy, a multidisciplinary creative.

I'm a first generation Vietnamese American designer with a love for thoughtful, inclusive and accessible experiences.

Books open!

I've been lucky enough to collaborate with cool people and brands like The Roasterie, Boulevardia, Cafe Cà Phê, Babes Helpin’ Babes,
and more.

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Things I've done.
Things I use.



Adobe CC


Microsoft Office

Google Suite


Independent Creative




Cafe Cà Phê

Since 2022

Designer & DEI Consultant

Babes Helpin' Babes

Since 2021

Lead Designer


January 2020 - December 2022

UX / UI Designer


January 2018 - January 2020

Design Intern


May 2017 - December 2017

Things I've made.

I'm have been lucky enough to collaborate on dozens of authentic, valuable and designed experiences throughout my early career.

These are just a few of my favorite work examples to date.

How I do things.

Leave it better.

Design shapes our world. As a designer, that power and opportunity comes with the responsibility to make it better. Whether it’s a digital experience, brand or space, I’m committed to valuable, genuine and positive change through design – for everyone.

Give a damn.

I’m not into stoicism. And I’m not about coming off as a cool, nonchalant designer. Some day everything – including me – will be nothing but a memory, so I might as well spend my days doing things I really care about with people and brands I care about.

Be honest, be human.

We won’t get far without mutual respect and honesty. As individuals and team members, we should value our humanity as much as our  skills. I believe in practicing transparency, accountability and grace in everything that I do.

Stay hungry.

That doesn’t mean stay greedy. I work hard to master skills as I pick them up, but I’m always looking for ways to improve as a designer. Whether it’s through education or through meaningful connections, I never want to stop getting better.

Do my best.

No pun intended. Your "best" might differ day-to-day, but what matters is the effort. If I end the day knowing I did my best work with the tools I had, regardless of the result, I can consider it a good day.

Celebrate the wins.

All of them. I try to celebrate my wins – big or small – and you should, too. I know that I work hard, so I try to recognize my accomplishments and have fun once in a while. I want to be proud and appreciative of what I've done, even as I work to improve.